Pediatric hospitalists are pediatricians with special expertise in caring for hospitalized children. They regularly care for particularly ill children and have a lot of experience with the types of illnesses, injuries, and surgeries for which children get admitted to the hospital. They are also well equipped to deal with the sometimes challenging behavioral and psychological effects on children who are quite sick and need to be hospitalized.

Because these physicians will not be following your child after hospital discharge, they pay special attention to communicating with your child’s primary care physician (PCP). That way, the transition home and any follow-up care needed can be easy and effective.

Your child’s regular PCP knows him/her best, so though they may not be attending to your child in the hospital, they are an important part of the team caring for your child. It is important that there be good communication between your child’s PCP and those caring for him/her in the hospital. They will make sure your child’s PCP is aware of the admission, any significant changes in his/her condition, and the plan for discharge.

IHA pediatric hospitalists will make rounds each day, evaluate your child’s progress and adjust the plan as needed. Evening and night care is also provided. The pediatric hospitalists are available 24 hours per day to respond to the results of studies, consultant evaluations, emergency situations. They may even see the patient multiple times per day as indicated by the patient’s clinical situation.

What patients and families can expect:

  • Efficient and effective care
  • Our physicians value communication with the primary care physician, as well as with patients and their families, nursing staff and consulting physicians.
  • Our physicians are available 24-hours each day to respond to the results of studies, consultant evaluations, and emergency situations and may see the patient multiple times per day if indicated by the patient’s clinical situation.
  • The hospitalist coordinates and/or provides complete patient education regarding the plan of care during the hospital stay and upon transition from the hospital.
  • Every attempt is made to develop a treatment and discharge plan that will meet the needs of the patient and family. This plan will be coordinated with the patient's primary-care physician.

IHA Pediatric Hospital Medicine Service is available at:

  • St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor
  • IHA Pediatric Hospital Medicine Providers

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