IHA offers nutrition counseling services at many of our practice locations. Nutrition counseling is provided by IHA nutrition specialists/registered dietitians. Their expertise can provide you with the necessary knowledge to achieve all of your individual and family dietary needs.

Our nutrition specialists: Katie Dooley, RDN, CDE, CSR; Lisa Lutchka, MS, RDN; and Vicki Salisbury, MEd, RDN

Some of their services include:

  • One-on-one nutrition counseling by an IHA nutrition specialist/registered dietitian
  • Easy to follow, customized eating plans to achieve/maintain a healthy weight
  • Weight management programs
  • Prevention/management of chronic disease through dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Translation of nutrition science into practical everyday information that you can use
  • Deciphering the myriads of misinformation about food and nutrition
  • Medical nutrition therapy based on evidence-based guidelines for diagnosed medical conditions


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